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Longs Peak area photo.

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Longs Peak Adventure Log

In anticipation of your planned expedition to ascend to the top of Longs Peak it might help to prepare yourself by perusing the tales of others who have already made the trek. These accounts can be both inspiring as well as eye opening lessons in preparedness.

Longs Peak Trip Report - by Ron Burkett, Aug 1998
Longs Peak via Keyhole Route - by Michael Molloy, August 1997
Longs Peak via North Face (attempt) - by Michael Molloy, July 1997
Longs Peak Trip Report - by Bill Neubert, Sep 1995
Mountain Explorer: Longs Peak - by Greg Slayden, incl. July 1994 trip report
Longs Peak Climb - by Tony and Alicia Brandt, July 22, 2003. From Chickasha, OK.
Longs Peak Summit via Keyhole Route Sept.06, 2005 - by Gary Tewksbury & Matt Nelson


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